About The NJCM

The New Jersey Conference of Mayors ( NJCM) is the oldest and largest statewide Mayors organization in the country. The NJCM represents the interest of Mayors to State and Federal legislatures and administration, with the intent to reflect the will of the people of the state of New Jersey and improve their quality of life. The NJCM website is an information source provided for Mayors and is but one of a number of resources available to our Mayor members.

Governor Signs "Ban the Box" and Alternative Pre-Trial Release System for Poor Defendants Legislation

Gov. Chris Christie signed into law, August 11, 2014, a bill (S2124) that will require companies to wait until they have interviewed job applicants before asking if he or she has ever been convicted of a crime. The measure, part of a two-year legislative journey for its advocates, was signed into l View More Information →

Why Join

Why Join the NJCM Business Council? An opportunity exists for the establishment of a common platform whereby business and local government can seek common grounds and develop solutions to the challenges that face both the public and private sectors throughout the state. The NJCM, now celebrating View More Information →